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Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Fireside chats, snuggles for everyone, and you just finished a really good book.  What will you do on Saturday nights now?  Maybe you could consider doing things with other people next weekend?

Famous 29 Cribbage Board from Cribbage Supply

29 Shape Cribbage Board from Cribbage Supply

This week check out and see how many beautiful and artistic cribbage boards they have to offer.  There must be a hundred of them to choose from.  Some are fun, some are realistic, and some are even shaped like the traditional 29, the highest score you can get in a hand of cribbage. 

Americans did their best and used their greatest talents to produce these masterpieces of companionship gaming cribbage boards.  With each board you can have a story to tell while playing with your friends or loved ones.  Get a couple of cribbage boards and once a month you could do something to improve the social environment that you live in. 


Psychologically speaking social contact is good for the soul.  Well, maybe not psychologically speaking but it is still good for the soul.  If you find people who you like and you want to learn more about the best way to do that is through interactive games like cribbage.

Go ahead and get 4-player cribbage boards so that you can invite many over.  Have them bring over their favorite dish and make a whole party out of it.  Holidays are here finally and there is nothing more fun than spending time with the people whose company you enjoy. 

Get with order an American Made cribbage board and in addition to the fun you’ll have, the economy you’ll be helping to repair, isn’t it great to know you’ll also be giving your thanks to our troops who have given so much by the proceeds from your purchase which goes to disabled American veterans.